• Ruth

A Cellist in Hong Kong

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Have you ever had the travellers itch to live in a different country but have never had the courage to scratch? Are you also accident prone, clumsy and love putting your foot in it?

If you answered yes then great! We're in the best of company! If you answered no, then humour me and keep reading, it could be a laugh.

Until very recently I had always talked about leaving the UK to perform or study in Europe yet always found a reason to put it off. Finally however I've run out of excuses and I've left the UK for Hong Kong, okay it's not quite Europe but it will definitely do.

Now, I'll be honest I've not really picked the right time to do the big move to Hong Kong. We've all read the news and I'm pretty sure no Mum wants to see their Daughter come back from the airport on the day she was due to leave with news protests have shut down the airport and nothing's flying out until Wednesday.

Honestly I'd never even considered Asia but long story short, back in March I made a really romantic gesture to join my then boyfriend as he was moving there for work. Only, once I'd said yes to the job and sent off for my visa I'd managed to misplace the boyfriend! Bit clumsy of me, I'll grant you. At this point it was rather too late to throw in the towel, promises had been made and contracts signed so with much love and support I packed my bags and got ready for my first real adventure!

And so here I am, in Hong Kong, sat in a flat just down the corridor from my own, writing my first ever blog, whilst my room is being fumigated due to a family of bed bugs!

Hello! My name's Ruth. I'm a cellist by trade, currently teaching cello to the children of Hong Kong and ready to share with you all of the ups and downs of moving abroad and trying to build a musical life far from home. I hope these posts make you laugh, smile, spark debate (especially with the musical articles) and hopefully even make those of you who have been dreaming of making the expat leap, see it's not so scary after all!